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Your teaching style is extremely relatable. This is, by far, the best content out there I’ve seen for new freelancers.
— Nikki J
Laura has provided the one thing I absolutely needed when it came to my Upwork game: hope. She is a bold voice and shining example that Upwork is an amazing tool for freelancers
— Emily S
Thanks to Laura, I’ve earned my first few hundred dollars, and know for a fact that I am capable of earning a decent income from freelancing.
— Phoebe Meeton
Listening to Laura has given me great information and support that I need to continue to move forward. She really provides a lot of good tips and facts along with a healthy dose of “get to it.” Without this, I probably wouldn’t be starting to bid on jobs. But I am!
— Denise Allen
Your content has been simple and genius.
— Kira H

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