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If you’re feeling:

  • Like you’re falling behind and have no idea how you’ll get it all done

  • Like you need people to support you in building this amazing, awe-inspiring business, but you don’t know where to start...

Look no further.

I’m Laura Pennington. I built my first business while working a full-time job. When I got fired from that job, I made the leap to full-time entrepreneurship and I’ve never looked back.

I know what it’s like to juggle multiple responsibilities since I’m also a PhD candidate and running a side business coaching freelancers. There are a few things that make it all possible:

  • Team members who support me,

  • Time management,

  • Running my business as efficiently as possible, and

  • Only working with my ideal client.

Running my business has opened up some pretty cool doors, like:

  • Working with Microsoft as a digital team leader,

  • Being published in the Huffington Post, Writer’s Weekly, and Business Insider,

  • Taking a 3-week trip to Alaska, and then another 3 weeks in Europe,

  • Visiting my mom in Ohio for 5 weeks!

So if you’re in the headache stages and need to somehow find more hours in the day, I’ve got you. Because I’ve been there. That’s why I created Better Biz Academy.

Here’s what you can expect to find here:

  • Advice about creating content and doing so quickly and effectively,

  • Building and managing a digital team,

  • How to make the most of your time,

  • How to work only on projects you love and toss aside the rest,

  • How to build a business with passive and recurring income in mind so you can finally take that vacation you’ve been planning.

Running a business can be the most exhilarating thing you do and the most exhausting. After nearly burning out in 2015, I rebuilt my company with a whole new purpose: a lifestyle business that allows me to travel when I want.


Wow! Your course works! After watching the course videos and following your tutorial, I was offered my first contract paying me $270 within two weeks of starting as an Upwork Freelancer! The company has now offered me two more contracts. This is just the start too! I wouldn’t have known where to begin if it hadn’t been for your course! Thank you so much Laura!
— Jaymie (Guide to Killing It On Upwork as a New Freelancer)

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