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Viewing Mistakes with Gratitude with Damion Lupo of Total Control Financial-EP034

Today’s guest takes grit to another level, and if setbacks in your business have tempted you to quit, his story will inspire you to play the long game and view mistakes as opportunities for growth. Damion Lupo is a serial entrepreneur, having started 30-plus businesses. His latest venture is Total Control Financial, an Austin-based FinTech that seeks to disrupt Wall Street and empower individuals to take control of their own financial future. He is also the author of five books on finance, investments, and personal growth.

Damion has a history of bold moves, getting his start in real estate by purchasing a rental house with his VISA. Over the next five years, he grew the business to include 150 houses in seven states. He took a $20M hit in 2008, but used the lessons from that epic failure to reinvent himself – and write a book about the road back, Reinvented Life. Today, Damion is a consultant and coach who appears regularly on podcasts and radio shows centered around finances and personal development. Listen in as he shares his personal philosophy of 10X thinking, advice regarding retirement planning, and strategies to help you view setbacks with gratitude.

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Finding Clarity Through Action with Christian Executive Coach Shawn Quintero-EP030

Shawn Quintero teaches faith-based entrepreneurs how to create online wealth through blogging, social media, and digital marketing. Through his coaching practice, Shawn seeks to help Christian entrepreneurs create deep, meaningful impact on the world and live a lifestyle of complete freedom. He understands how to overcome self-doubt because he’s lived it. Enduring a childhood filled with abuse and bullying, he struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. But he was inspired by a history teacher who saw his potential, and Shawn began to overcome his insecurities by growing an online network and surrounding himself with positive influences through the church.

Shawn was ready to start his coaching business, but he was self-aware enough to know that he lacked business skills. In order to gain access to the information he needed – without paying the $2,000 application fee – Shawn volunteered to help out with the Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco, and soon he was honing his business acumen and making connections with big names in entrepreneurship. Now Shawn himself is a sought-after speaker and author of the book Online Wealth for the Christian Entrepreneur. Prepare to be motivated as Shawn walks you through his approach to acquiring new clients by providing insane amounts of value up front. Listen and learn strategies to hold yourself accountable and inspire action!

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Say ‘Yes’ and Grow Your Dream Business with Jim Palmer-EP015

Jim Palmer is a marketing expert, business coach, entrepreneur, author and speaker. Founder of both the Dream Business Academy and Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program, he works to provide Smart Marketing and Business Building Strategies for growth-oriented entrepreneurs and small business owners. This mission extends to Jim’s hosting enterprises on Dream Business Coach TV, the hit weekly web TV show with an audience of thousands, and Stick Like Glue Radio, a weekly podcast that helps entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Jim is best known internationally as ‘The Dream Business Coach’ and creator of No Hassle Newsletters, the ultimate ‘done-for-you’ newsletter marketing program used by hundreds of clients in nine countries.

On this episode of the podcast, Jim offers a mini-master class in time management and the real grit of being an entrepreneur. Listen in and develop the confidence to say ‘yes’ and grow your own Dream Business! 

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Get Inspired with Jewelry Design Entrepreneur Sarah Foster-EP013

Sarah Foster quit her 9 to 5 job two years ago and now works full-time from her home studio as a jewelry designer as well as a design, branding and marketing consultant to female entrepreneurs and host of the FIT & FIERCE Podcast. As founder, creator and Chief Foul Mouth of Bad Bad Jewelry, Sarah’s mission is to inspire and empower women to go after what they want.

Sarah began her career working in the call center for Amazon, then taking a job in the financial industry. Seeking a creative outlet, Sarah started designing one-of-a-kind jewelry as a side gig. Eventually, she founded the company Nomadic Fashion and tried jewelry full-time. After two years of entrepreneurship, Sarah was struggling and realized that it was necessary to return to the corporate world. Landing a job as an executive assistant at a design firm, Sarah earned enough money to fund the next step of her journey and Bad Bad Jewelry was born. On this episode of the podcast, Sarah offers advice about outsourcing and inspires you to take risks and do the work you love.

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