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A Framework for Action with Business Strategist and Energy Ninja Jill Ethier-EP055

Jill Ethier is a personal strategist who combines her passion for business with the power of energy to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs who want more in every aspect of their lives, from business to relationships to health and personal growth. Her online programs provide the framework to shift your mindset, reclaim your power, and fulfill your purpose.

Jill spent a number of years as the Director of Marketing for SIGA, managing four casino marketing departments. After the passing of her young daughter, she knew she wanted to live her life differently, and Jill began to study Feng Shui and other energy disciplines. In 2000, she united her love of business strategy with the study of energy to found Jill Ethier Consulting. Today she shares tactics around cultivating the right mindset, tackling resistance to change, and avoiding distractions. Listen in to understand the importance of a strong WHY and how to prioritize daily actions as you work toward a meaningful life.

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Pushing Through the Challenges with Break-Through Mentor Winston Henderson-EP029

Winston Henderson is the Chief Visionaire at 5 Years 2 Mastery, an enterprise that seeks to equip and empower others to overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding them back as they work toward their goals, creating the life they’ve always wanted. He was introduced to entrepreneurship by his cousin at the age of 18. After several failed attempts to establish various businesses, Winston studied IT at university – and hated it. But the blessing in disguise was that he also discovered a love of marketing and a renewed interest in business. At 24, Winston spent a year and a half working a traditional job in sales before starting his own home-based hot beverage business.

Though Winston’s venture was doing well enough that he could quit his full-time job, he struggled to develop the necessary discipline to run a successful business on his own. As things fell apart and Winston entered a state of depression, he took a look at his options: He could either go back to a full-time job, or he could dig in and make it work. The birth of his daughter in 2011 motivated him to choose the latter, and Winston has built a business that serves ten countries and brings in a monthly revenue of $130,000.

Inspired to share his systems and help others reach their full potential, Winston has expanded his work, adding Digital and Content Marketing Strategist and Break-Through and Consistency Mentor to his job title. Listen in as he explains how consistent daily activities lead to big wins and how ‘celebrating the process’ keeps you moving forward as you grow into your most powerful self!

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