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Freelancing and the Freedom to Travel with Digital Nomad Allison Evelyn Gower-EP018

Allison Gower is the President and CEO of Allison Evelyn, Inc., offering content, media and marketing services to a variety of local and global clients. She helps business owners find their voice and establish their online presence through content writing, blogging and landing placements in the media.

After graduating from San Diego State, Allison landed a job in marketing and sales with a video production company. In her role there, she discovered a love of writing. Fascinated by getting to know the client’s brand and how they defined their voice, Allison started freelancing in this capacity on the side, and eventually, one of her freelance clients offered her enough work to quit her day job.

Three years later, Allison has established her own company and continues to thrive as an entrepreneur, helping prominent businesses such as and iPetitions connect with their audience. When not typing away at her co-working space in sunny San Diego, she is practicing yoga, hopping on a plane or facilitating video projects. On this episode of the podcast, Allison shares her approach to planning for trips that take her offline and several of her favorite travel experiences. She also offers advice regarding the business aspects of freelancing and the benefits of joining a co-working space.

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Take on Jobs Outside Your Niche and Take Your Skill Set to the Next Level-EP004

Laura is back with a solo podcast to discuss the benefits of taking on freelance projects that are outside your comfort zone. Although her core business is SEO blog writing supplemented by a handful of project management and coaching jobs, Laura recently had the opportunity to assist a client in the development of an advertising budget.  Inspired by this experience in print and digital marketing, she outlines the beauty of accepting opportunities that are not on-brand, the advantages of developing new skills and the ways freelancers can leverage newly discovered abilities to expand and transform their businesses.

Although you might hesitate to accept a project that seems unglamorous or outside your niche, listen and learn how to change your mindset, expand your skill set and uncover your hidden talents!

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