An On-Air Strategy Session with Better Biz Student Susan Cabezas of Being More Social-EP050

One of the major hurdles online entrepreneurs face is that of scaling their business. How exactly do you generate the client base necessary to take your venture to the next level? 

Susan Cabezas quit her job as a digital marketing consultant in 2010, with the hopes of building an online business. She worked as a VA through Elance while she had her first child, but struggled to make a sustainable income and eventually went back to full-time work. She was laid off in 2013 and worked for a VA company doing subcontract work when her second son was born, but again returned to a ‘regular job’ to generate consistent income. Susan has been at her current full-time digital marketing position with a large non-profit for the past three years but has built an online social media management business as a side hustle. This venture, Being More Social, seeks to help female entrepreneurs connect with their audience and grow their businesses.

Susan is also a blogger, helping busy moms live happier and be more present with their families at The Mama Resource (formerly Modern Frugal Mom). Today she shares her best tips on organization and time management as well as her vision for the future of her business. In addition, Laura offers some on-air coaching to help Susan strategize next steps as she works to position herself as a social media expert, write effective proposals, and take Being More Social to the next level.

Key Takeaways

Why Susan has struggled to move into full-time freelancing

  • Need for sustainable income
  • Difficulty finding clients via networking

How Susan finds clients now

  • Entrepreneur/blogger Facebook groups

Laura’s advice around scaling a social media management business

  • Offer monthly retainer packages
  • Niche down to one or two platforms
  • Position/brand self as expert

Laura’s tips for landing clients

  • Ask current clients for testimonials, referrals with incentives
  • Talk to prospects in a results-oriented way (i.e.: social platform growth, time saved)
  • Provide case studies of current/former clients
  • Empathize with client pain points when developing proposal

Susan’s advice regarding time management and productivity

What’s next for Susan’s business

  • Grow into full-time enterprise
  • Leverage blog to make passive income via affiliate marketing, products

Susan’s #1 tip for aspiring online business owners

  • Know what you want
  • Be consistent



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Connect with Susan Cabezas

Susan Cabezas is a full time Digital Marketing Specialist, freelance Social Media Manager VA, blogger and mom of 2 boys. When she’s not working full time at a large non-profit organization, she is helping women small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business and connect with their audience through social media through her business Being More Social. She also currently blogs at Modern Frugal Mom, a blog about helping busy moms live happier and more present with their families.

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