Building Systems to Create a Fabulously Balanced Life with Christine Morris-EP019

Christine Morris is the founder of, a venture committed to helping busy entrepreneurs implement systems to support a successful business and a balanced life. She is a business mentor and productivity coach who has worked her way through the online business world, beginning as a virtual assistant who quickly built a multi-VA team before transitioning into the in-demand Online Business Manager and systems expert she is today, supporting six- and seven-figure business owners in managing their teams and creating strategies for growth.

Throughout her career, she has proven her ability to overcome adversity and use it to create opportunities for other entrepreneurs. In 2014, Christine’s family experienced a devastating fire 30 days out from a live event she was coordinating for a client. With systems in place, the event went forward as planned and Christine was able to outsource her work and take the time off she needed to recover. She used this opportunity to reflect and realize what was truly important to her and what didn’t fit for her family. Christine designed to share her passion for helping others create a life that is more in line with both their personal and professional goals.

On this episode of the podcast, Christine shares strategies for landing clients as a VA/OBM, developing systems for your business, and establishing effective working relationships. Listen and learn when to outsource and how to own your expertise!

Key Takeaways

Christine’s strategies for landing clients

  • Utilize organizations like IVAA
  • Respond to RFPs and follow up
  • Network and build relationships

The difference between a VA and an OBM

  • Virtual Assistants perform specific tasks (i.e.: social media, marketing) and are paid hourly or per project
  • Online Business Managers work one-on-one with clients to oversee the big picture (i.e.: operations, project management) and are paid base plus incentives

The importance of creating systems that are documented and centralized

  • Saves time
  • Establishes consistency
  • Provides clear instructions to VA’s
  • Allows your business to run when you can’t be there
  • Protects clients

Christine’s guidelines regarding documenting systems

  • Don’t keep things in your head
  • Next time you complete a task, open a Google Doc and jot down the steps
  • Add and elaborate as needed – it’s a living document
  • Before long, you’ll have an entire operations manual

Christine’s advice about determining what to outsource

  • Complete a time audit
  • Outsource tasks that are taking too much time with little ROI
  • Delegate tasks that are not in your zone of genius

The 90-day dating period you should expect after hiring a VA

  • It takes time to get a feel for each other and understand work styles, etc.
  • Give clear instructions, otherwise, you’re setting the VA up for failure
  • Rather than expecting instant results, take the time to build a relationship

The significance of owning your expertise as a VA/OBM

  • Set your own expectations regarding what the first 30, 60, 90 days should look like with a new client
  • Own the role you play in the relationship and set the tone early



Christine’s Workbook

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Connect with Christine Morris

Christine Morris, founder of, has worked her way through the online business world. After starting her business as a virtual assistant and quickly building a multi-VA team, she moved on to become the highly sought-after Online Business Manager and Systems expert that she is today. Christine has worked behind the scenes on several 6- and 7- figure businesses, managing their teams and creating strategies for growth. 

Christine’s journey hasn’t been without its share of struggles. In 2014, Christine experienced a devastating tragedy. She used the months following this tragedy as a time of reflection for her. Rather than looking at this loss as a setback, she chose to use the lessons she learned through her journey to help even more entrepreneurs create a fabulously balanced life. 

Throughout Christine’s career, she has proven her ability to overcome adversity and use it to create opportunities to help other entrepreneurs. Her experience, combined with her focus on balance and strategies, assures even the most overloaded business owner will find clarity and success. 

Today, Christine uses this experience as a business and productivity coach, helping busy entrepreneurs create a life that is more inline with both their personal and business goals.