Stacking the Wins and Saving for Retirement with Finance Coach Moshe Amsel-EP022

Freelancers know how important it is to save for retirement, yet many put it off. Perhaps you don’t know how to start, you’re tempted to put that money back into your business, or you just can’t spare a substantial amount at the moment. Whatever the case, today’s guest can help change your mindset and give you the tools to start investing in your future before it’s too late.

Moshe Amsel is a tax consultant, personal finance coach and business strategy consultant with 20-plus years of experience in the information technology arena. He is also the host of the DreamBuilder Financial Podcast, a program aimed at simplifying and enriching the financial lives of individuals and small businesses. Listen in as he explains the tax benefits available to entrepreneurs and tactics that will help you start saving small to facilitate sustainable change. Making the right decisions now can have profound long-term effects, so let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

The significance of saving for retirement early on

  • Allows freelancer to provide for self in the long term and build financial legacy
  • Provides tax benefit by sheltering that money

Moshe’s tips for getting started

  • Exercise your saving muscle first
  • Then decide where to park the money
  • Start small, then work up to a percentage goal
  • Establish a separate bank account

Retirement plan vehicles for solopreneurs

  • SEP
  • Individual 401(k)

The benefits of hiring a professional to assist with retirement planning

  • Understand complicated tax law
  • Determine the best plan for your particular scenario
  • Maximize tax benefit
  • Recognize all available options (i.e.: real estate investment)

Moshe’s advice for balancing the competing priorities of debt vs. retirement

  • Knock out your debt first
  • Then focus all energy on retirement goals
  • Productivity is lost every time you split your efforts



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