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Struggling to balance business and baby? Many new parents choose entrepreneurship because it allows them the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with their children, but it can be challenging to juggle business obligations with time to watch Elmo and read picture books. If you’re looking for scheduling hacks to help you grow your business while you’re home with a baby, you’ve come to the right place.  

Julienne DesJardins, owner of DesJardins Digital LLC, provides strategic support for entrepreneurs and small businesses. A Digital Marketing VA and Certified ConvertKit Expert who specializes in email and social media marketing, Julienne loves to blog about her favorite business tools and tips for work-at-home parents. Listen and learn how she went from side hustle to full-time solopreneur in just one year, why she chose to niche down, and what opportunities exist for VAs in the realm of email marketing. Julienne also offers guidance on developing retainer packages and setting priorities on days without child care. 

Key Takeaways

The value of online networking

  • Answering questions for free affords visibility and allows you to build trust
  • An understanding of common queries can inform the services you choose to provide and guide content creation

Julienne’s tips for niching down

  • Choose a niche that you really love
  • Research the market to ensure demand

Why email marketing continues to thrive

  • Other online venues (i.e. Facebook, Instagram) may help provide an audience, but those potential clients live on that platform
  • Email marketing drives the customer to your list, providing direct access

Characteristics of an email marketing guru

  • Analytical thinker
  • Detail oriented
  • Self-starter
  • Insight around the marketing funnel

The email marketing tasks a VA might perform

  • Writing newsletters
  • Monitoring metrics
  • Creating sequences
  • Conducting ongoing best practice research
  • Monitoring the inbox and providing stock answers to customer queries

Julienne’s advice for balancing business and baby

  • Schedule client calls only on days when child care is available
  • Don’t set time limits on days without child care
  • Prioritize MITs and work when you can (i.e. during naps)
  • Provide clients with an availability calendar

The advantages of offering retainer packages

  • Freelancer can anticipate baseline income and budget accordingly
  • Clients know what to expect as outlined in retainer package
  • On-going relationship allows freelancer to better understand client needs
  • Freelancer can phase out tasks she doesn’t enjoy

Julienne’s guidelines for pausing a retainer

  • Make it clear that you may be actively seeking other clients to fill the slot
  • Explain that you may or may not be available should the client decide to pick up again
  • Establish rules in your contract around notice periods



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Julienne DesJardins works with small businesses ready to collaborate with a strategic partner. She is a digital marketing virtual assistant, and Certified ConvertKit Expert, who specializes in email and social media marketing. Julienne loves to blog about her favorite business tools and tips for work-at-home parents. If you’re a mom struggling with finding enough time for their biz during your day, you’ll love her free 5-day email course, Balance Biz + Baby. (It’s all about how to recapture your time!) Visit her website or connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.