What is the online course creators summit? 

Summit host Laura Pennington has built 17 courses for herself and her clients in the past 18 months. What she discovered in that process is that the first course is often the hardest- people don't know where to start. 

She decided to host this virtual summit in order to give new course creators a leg up on the teaching, marketing, branding, and tech tools that can help make someone's online course become a reality. 

How it Works

  • Guests prepare a 30-40 minute training after approval of subject matter
  • Training is pre-recorded with guest speaker and Laura 
  • Summit recordings are live and free for 24 hours on the week of the summit (TBD, expected first week of March 2017.) 
  • Guest speakers get exposure and can also make 40% commission on any sales they drive to the all-access pass (which gives viewers lifetime access to all summit recordings.) Pass priced at $97 presale and $119 after the summit concludes. 

What Makes for Relevant Topics?

  • Instructional design for online courses 
  • Branding 
  • Creating good visuals
  • Best tech tools for recording
  • Building an email list to sell to
  • Marketing your course 
  • Pricing guidelines 
  • etc. 

How Can I Participate? 

If you want to submit a topic to discuss, please fill out this form and Laura will reply if your topic is a good fit for the audience. You'll also receive further information about how to book your pre-recorded slot.