Contena Review

(This post contains affiliate links.)

(This post contains affiliate links.)

Plenty of freelance writers are interested in a Contena review. That’s because this platform has been out there for only a limited period of time and you’re curious about whether or not it’s worth the investment.

There’s a lot I love about the Contena platform and that’s what I’m covering in these Contena reviews. Below, you’ll find more information about Contena as a platform for landing freelance writing jobs from me directly as well as an interview with a staff member at Contena.

Landing new clients and sending out pitches are critical for any freelance writer, but you have to be smart about what you invest in. Spending your cash wisely on the right platforms can help you tap into the power of lots of open online freelance writing jobs.

If there’s one question I get over and over again from new freelance writers, it’s “How can I land clients?” or “What is the best place to find clients?”

Although I love other sources like Upwork, Contena has an edge over these platforms simply because of the quality of each job posted. The jobs posted on Contena are often highly paid and great opportunities. They also include an excellent mix of full-time and contract work for freelance writers.

As I share in the Contena review video below, there are many different types of projects posted on this platform and it’s not right for someone who is looking for a particular type of job. For example, if you want to write blog articles for dog walkers only, Contena’s not the right place for you. If you’re hoping to land blogging gigs in personal finance, however, you’re about to tap into a gold mine.

One of the things I love about Contena is that you get a pitch review and feedback from an experienced writer! That’s worth a lot in the freelance writing world and it can help you increase your conversion rates dramatically.

If you sign up for Contena with this link, I’ll give you a special reward: Access to my "How to Write Blogs and Web Content More Quickly" course so you can make the most of your freelance writing efforts.

After you make the purchase, send me an email with the subject line: "I’m going to make a killing with Contena!" to with your signup email for Contena. Upon a successful verifications, you’ll be enrolled in my course.

Questions about Contena?

Let me know! I’d love to help you decide if it’s right for you.