Concierge Hiring

You know you need help. You're in over your head. You've got way too much on your plate and the last thing you want to worry about is spending 10-15 hours trying to find the right person. 

Don't worry, I've got you. Over the course of my time as a project manager, I've hired and trained dozens of VAs, graphic designers, web designers, writers, and editors. My help was even leveraged with a few Fortune 500 companies building out their digital teams. 

That's why I offer concierge hiring services for you, whether you're hiring your first VA or in need of an online business manager. 

Concierge Hiring Package: 

  • We kick off with a 90 minute phone call about your business, budget and your needs. 
  • I use what I learn to write a job description and expectations.
  • Then I go find you 3 people to potentially fill the role. I sift through the material and pre-screen them so you don't have to and present the top candidates so you can interview them  

Don't make the hiring process harder than it has to be. Let's chat!

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