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Why I Love Teachable for Online Course Creation

This week's video takes you through all the reasons why I love using Teachable for my course creation process. I go into my experience with Teachable - from a student and a course creator's perspective. I also discuss the platform's usability, student analytics, payment mechanisms as well as affiliate management processes. With more than 20,000 active courses, about 3 million students, and over 7,500 instructors online, it is definitely worth exploring the Teachable platform.

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My Favorite Tool for Podcast Scheduling: Calendly

This week, I am introducing you to my favorite appointment scheduling tool, Calendly. Having recently launched my own podcast which, on a weekly basis, puts the spotlight on two entrepreneurs who are pushing the envelope in their respective fields, it has become really important for me to streamline my scheduling process and reduce much of the email tag that tends to happen when appointment setting happens via email. Calendly has delivered on this need with amazing results for both my guests and I. 

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Why I Don't Offer Refunds on My Digital Products

Advancements in technology and the internet have made creating and launching digital products like e-books, coaching products, and online courses significantly easier in recent years. With the main investment being your time and expertise, and lots of great delivery options available (E.g. Thinkific, Teachable, Clickbank etc.), digital products are an effective list nurturing tool as well as an alternate source of income. There are lots of considerations that go into the design of your product however, and the refund policy is just one of them. 

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How to Outline Online Courses Quickly

As an online course creator, it is inevitable that you will, at some point, have to sit down to outline your course. It doesn't matter if you're a first time course creator or a seasoned one. It also doesn't matter if  you know exactly how the course will flow or if you are on the other end of the spectrum with no idea of where to begin. The outlining process is a key check point in the process. This week's video will share my process for outlining a new online course and go into three strategies that work for me every single time.  

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How Mindfulness Can Lessen the Stress of a Deadline

Attempting to meet a deadline can be a stressful experience for the busy professional. We can get lost in thoughts of panic about what will happen if we don’t finish a project, and attempts to avoid the panic felt with every tick of the clock are many and varied.

When you work from home, a deadline can be an incredible motivator to suddenly spruce up your workspace or check out a podcast you’ve been wanting to listen to. In the office, you’ll be more prone to chatting with a colleague or taking a phone call from a long lost client. These are all forms of escaping the present moment.

Deadlines force us to be completely present, instead of escaping. We can no longer put off until tomorrow what must be done today.

A mindfulness practice, even one we engage in just once per week, can help lessen the strain we’re feeling and save us time and energy.

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How I Landed 30+ Podcast Interviews in One Month

Appearing as a guest on a podcast show is a great way to market your business and position yourself as a credible expert in your industry. In this week’s video, I draw on my own experience landing over 30 podcast interviews in a month. In it, I discuss three things I learned about how you can land (and nail) multiple interviews as a guest expert and use the opportunity to network with the host of the show.

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What I Learned Using Teachable to Host a Virtual Summit

Recently, I hosted a virtual summit. I chose to do it on Teachable because frankly, I took a course about how to run a summit and the information was too much- it was too technical and looked like a huge investment of time that wouldn’t ultimately pay off. While all those details might be perfect for others, it didn’t suit me, so I made my own way. I decided to use Teachable to host my virtual summit because it was a platform I was familiar with. There were some kinks in this process, but ultimately, I found it was much easier than taking some other approach and using ClickFunnels or SamCart (and paying through the nose to do so.)

I put together this post to recap some of my biggest lessons from this experience and to provide some guidance about using Teachable as a platform to host a virtual summit

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