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Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as a New Virtual Assistant

If you are a virtual assistant who is just launching your VA career, you might be getting some traction in your freelance business and even landing a couple of clients but you don’t feel that you are worthy of those clients or you question yourself or you are constantly comparing yourself to other virtual assistants who are more established and probably have more clients.

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Should You Hire a Business Manager? Here's What You Need to Know, Girlfriend.

If you are like any entrepreneur  (or maybe I'm specifically speaking for myself, that I'm sometimes way too disorganized) then you could potentially benefit from an online business manager. Once you reach a point in your business where you have solid profits and are growing your revenue, it is important to consider what you can take off your plate.

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How to Figure Out What to Outsource First in Your Business

Discovering that you cannot do #allthethings in your business is an important milestone. First of all, it's okay to accept that you can't do it all (sorry to tell you, but we're all human!) If you don't realize that you need to outsource, you're headed straight for my least favorite roadtrip down Burnout Boulevard. You'll start missing deadlines, feeling frazzled, and making mistakes. You might even find yourself working ten or more hours a day just to get everything done.

I do have some good news for you, though: life doesn't have to be that way.

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