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Avoid this Freelance Marketing Mistake - Don't Say You'll Negotiate Right Away

Today I want to touch on something that drives me crazy when other people say they'll do it, even freelancers that I'm thinking about hiring - when you're in the initial contact with a prospective client and you mention upfront that you're willing to negotiate. This is a critical mistake that causes people to question your value immediately.

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Should You Trust a Freelance Mentor Who is No Longer Freelancing?

In this week's post, I'm going to address whether or not it makes sense to trust a freelance mentor who is no longer freelancing. This is actually one of my pet peeves in the freelance economy with freelance coaches and course creators. There's nothing wrong with transitioning out of a freelance career and working with products, courses and coaching packages for freelancers. However, there can be a real danger to those freelancers if they are not aware of the fact that this person is no longer active in the freelance marketplace.

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