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How Mindfulness Can Lessen the Stress of a Deadline

Attempting to meet a deadline can be a stressful experience for the busy professional. We can get lost in thoughts of panic about what will happen if we don’t finish a project, and attempts to avoid the panic felt with every tick of the clock are many and varied.

When you work from home, a deadline can be an incredible motivator to suddenly spruce up your workspace or check out a podcast you’ve been wanting to listen to. In the office, you’ll be more prone to chatting with a colleague or taking a phone call from a long lost client. These are all forms of escaping the present moment.

Deadlines force us to be completely present, instead of escaping. We can no longer put off until tomorrow what must be done today.

A mindfulness practice, even one we engage in just once per week, can help lessen the strain we’re feeling and save us time and energy.

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