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Pricing Tips for Your Service Based Business

If you are thinking about starting a service based business but can’t seem to decide on a pricing structure or if you’re already up and running but aren’t sure if you’re priced right, you are not alone. Thinking back to when I first started my freelance writing business, I remember not knowing what to charge clients for my services either! Having gone from startup freelancer to successful six-figure freelance business, however, I’m now sharing some of my top tips and considerations for getting your pricing just right. 

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Are You Charging Too Much without Enough Value as a Virtual Assistant?

This week's video presents the question "Are you charging too much for your virtual assistant services?" As controversial as the question is - this really is about pricing yourself to the value that you offer your clients and consciously communicating that value in terms of outcomes instead of services rendered. The acceptable price point on an entry-level administrative role, for example, would be very different to a role that generates revenue and ideas which have a direct impact on your client's bottom line. 

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