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Is Outsourcing Right for You?

Every so often, I'll encounter a person who hasn't yet had the opportunity to interact with a digital team member. They simply don't realize all of the time that they could gain back or all of the benefits associated with hiring a virtual assistant or other members of their digital team. You may be wondering whether outsourcing is right for you or not. The truth is that any individual who has a limited amount of time (which is everyone, by the way) can benefit from having a virtual assistant.

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How to Outsource Podcasting Tasks

Lots of people want to start a podcast but are worried about all the technical aspects of the work behind it. No doubt- it does take work to create and produce a podcast. If you’re smart, though, you can outsource a lot of and keep the costs minimal while still making the most of your time. In this post, I go behind the scenes to share with you exactly what I do personally, and what I am able to hand off. 

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