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How to Handle Poor Feedback Received on Upwork

Feedback is a powerful tool, not just for you as a freelancer on Upwork, but also for the client as well. It gives them a chance to provide you with valuable feedback and help to boost your profile in the search rankings. The more social proof you have from clients on Upwork who have been thrilled with your work, the easier it will be to land business from others in the future. But as with any business relationship, there is always going to be scope for negative feedback. And so, the question is how do you handle this, particularly on Upwork? 

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What to Do When You Get Negative Feedback from a Freelance Client?

It is never easy to hear that you have not delivered over and above what the client was expecting. Your goal when serving any freelance writing client should be to give them an amazing experience that encourages them to refer you out to others and to give you business in the future. However, when you get negative feedback from a freelance writing client, this can be a jarring experience. What follows are some of my recommendations for how to handle it when a client gives you negative feedback.

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