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Avoid this Freelance Marketing Mistake - Don't Say You'll Negotiate Right Away

Today I want to touch on something that drives me crazy when other people say they'll do it, even freelancers that I'm thinking about hiring - when you're in the initial contact with a prospective client and you mention upfront that you're willing to negotiate. This is a critical mistake that causes people to question your value immediately.

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Should You Trust a Freelance Mentor Who is No Longer Freelancing?

In this week's post, I'm going to address whether or not it makes sense to trust a freelance mentor who is no longer freelancing. This is actually one of my pet peeves in the freelance economy with freelance coaches and course creators. There's nothing wrong with transitioning out of a freelance career and working with products, courses and coaching packages for freelancers. However, there can be a real danger to those freelancers if they are not aware of the fact that this person is no longer active in the freelance marketplace.

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What Kinds of Freelancers are Most Likely to Get Hired on Upwork?

Upwork provides the opportunities to connect with clients all over the world who are in need of freelance assistance. Whether it's a solopreneur or a major company looking for a freelancer, many businesses can benefit from outsourcing particular tasks on a one time or an ongoing basis to a freelancer.What companies look for in hiring a freelancer will depend on their individual needs but there are several common traits that can be identified in successful Upwork freelancers.

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Types of Freelance Gigs and Freelancers Most Often Hired Out on Upwork

Upwork is the biggest job board in the entire world and it is a place where freelance clients come to post their requests for proposals from freelancers. While there are dozens and dozens of different types of freelancers out there, only particular types are likely to find enough business opportunities on Upwork to make it well worth their time to post there.

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What You Need to Know About Upwork's New Terms of Service and Inactive Profiles

Recently we received a notification from Upwork that they are changing the way they do things on the platform in order to make it better for those individuals who are very active. For freelancers who have an active Upwork profile and are regularly getting work on the site, this only makes things better for you because Upwork will now begin removing inactive profiles from search results. This way, when clients are looking for a particular freelancer, they land on only those who have an active profile and a dedicated commitment to working on the platform.

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Freelance Success on Upwork

I have heard that many freelancers come away feeling that landing good paying gigs on Upwork is an uphill climb. Interestingly, my story has been quite different. I have found that Upwork has been instrumental in my ability to generate a consistent pipeline of business leads. Today’s video will focus on the two elements that will help you achieve success on the platform. 

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How to Get a High Job Success Rating on Upwork

Learn the importance of a high job success score on Upwork, how it's derived and those elements that are within your control to ensure that you achieve a strong rating.

In this video, I briefly discuss issues such as:

  • how the success score might affect new freelancers more than established ones
  • the importance of managing bad client relationships professionally and what this might look like in practice
  • the message having too many "jobs in progress" might send to potential clients
  • and more. 
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