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LinkedIn Marketing Tips: Connecting with Freelance Clients

Let's talk about how you can use LinkedIn to develop your marketing. LinkedIn is one of my top 3-4 methods used to gain new clients and to build relationships with existing clients too. My existing clients and my referral network is number one. Upwork is currently number two. And LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly important part of my freelance marketing strategy.

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The #1 Way To Land Your First Freelance Job on Upwork

If you've been thinking about starting your freelance business on Upwork, this post has been crafted with you in mind. It offers you the same tips and strategies that I pass on to others who are just starting out on Upwork and who subsequently land their very first client. I am going to share the number one way I recommend blowing up your Upwork profile and landing your first client. And it highlights the mistake I see almost every new freelancer make going in.

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Where Are the Best Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online?

This week's video is great for those of you looking to start your freelance writing business or if you're an established freelancer writer looking for new sources of leads. I share three of my favorite spots for landing high-value jobs and tips on how to make the most of these. I also offer a bonus resource listing "12 Hot Spots for Freelance Writers to Find Paid Writing Gigs". 

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3 Tools You Should Learn as a New Virtual Assistant to Land Clients

Having helped dozens of business owners hire virtual assistants, I see the same skills, software and tools coming up over and over again via client request. I also see more people posting job ads for virtual assistants requesting that the VA be familiar with certain programs. It really does not hurt as a brand-new VA to come to the table with some background knowledge, even if you have not been paid to use these yet with a client.

And, here's the good news- these tools are not that hard to learn. In this post, I list the most popular tools and while it is not exhaustive, this list is definitely a great place to start.

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