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Can You Become a VA with No Office Experience?

Being a virtual assistant online is one of the easiest ways to transition into online work because you probably already have some experience in your background, whether it's in a job, in a volunteer capacity, or in running your own business at some other point in your life that can easily transition you into being a VA. But one of the most common questions people ask is, “If I've never had any office-related experience, can I become a virtual assistant?”

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Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as a New Virtual Assistant

If you are a virtual assistant who is just launching your VA career, you might be getting some traction in your freelance business and even landing a couple of clients but you don’t feel that you are worthy of those clients or you question yourself or you are constantly comparing yourself to other virtual assistants who are more established and probably have more clients.

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Building Your VA Business One Referral at a Time

This week, I am sharing a tip that is specific to virtual assistants (but can really help freelancers of any type), and that is using referrals to build your business one client at a time.

One of the hardest things to do as a new virtual assistant or freelancer is to get your very first client. It's often the hardest to do this because you feel a lack of confidence about what you're doing and you're not sure of the marketing channels that are going to bring you the most business and the most qualified business to build your company. So that lack of confidence really translates to how you market and the type of clients that you land.

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How to Become a Virtual Assistant

A question I get asked a lot is “How do I become a virtual assistant?” Becoming a virtual assistant is a great work-from-home opportunity for many particularly with the low start up costs and the fact that you can start by charging others for skills that you already possess. In today's video, I will take you through the steps to getting yourself set up. We go into how it's important to align your existing skills with the services you offer, what you can do to start marketing yourself, the value of conversations and much more.

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Is Becoming a Virtual Assistant Still a Good Idea in 2017 & 2018?

In this week's video, I am talking to those of you who are exploring the possibility of setting yourself up as a new virtual assistant and I answer the question, "Is becoming a VA still a good idea?"

I go into why I still maintain that entering the virtual assistant industry is a viable business opportunity; now and going into 2018. I touch on the recent boom in blogging and online businesses and its effect on the industry. This, along with the increasing focus on saving costs and streamlining business processes from both the corporate and entrepreneurial world, further supports my positon. Finally, I also talk about the types of skills and experience that are perfect segue ways into the virtual assistance space. 

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Are You Charging Too Much without Enough Value as a Virtual Assistant?

This week's video presents the question "Are you charging too much for your virtual assistant services?" As controversial as the question is - this really is about pricing yourself to the value that you offer your clients and consciously communicating that value in terms of outcomes instead of services rendered. The acceptable price point on an entry-level administrative role, for example, would be very different to a role that generates revenue and ideas which have a direct impact on your client's bottom line. 

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A Hot Niche Idea for Virtual Assistants: Podcasting Help

The opportunity to niche down as a virtual assistant in 2017 is better than ever. Many people start off as a generalist VA, offering to assist clients with a wide range of tasks at an hourly rate or even on retainer. But I have seen many instances where the marketability of a virtual assistant can be enhanced dramatically simply by having a good niche market strategy. Not only are you able to position yourself as an expert within your field, but you are also able to command a higher rate for that specialized expertise. 

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Five Things to Do Before Launching Your Virtual Assistant Career

You've probably heard that there's a growing number of people who are making money online providing administrative, executive or research based support to others. Most of the time you will hear these individuals referred to as virtual assistants or VAs. I use plenty of virtual assistants on my own team and have worked with many others in my five years’ of running an online business. During that time, I have also mentored dozens of virtual assistants who are just starting their VA journey and have helped them grow from just one client to a full workload where they are actually turning down projects from other people. Some of the most successful virtual assistants have a few things in common and in this post, I tell you what they are.

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3 Tools You Should Learn as a New Virtual Assistant to Land Clients

Having helped dozens of business owners hire virtual assistants, I see the same skills, software and tools coming up over and over again via client request. I also see more people posting job ads for virtual assistants requesting that the VA be familiar with certain programs. It really does not hurt as a brand-new VA to come to the table with some background knowledge, even if you have not been paid to use these yet with a client.

And, here's the good news- these tools are not that hard to learn. In this post, I list the most popular tools and while it is not exhaustive, this list is definitely a great place to start.

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