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A Freelance SEO Writing Case Study: From 0 to 5 Clients in Two Months

One of the biggest fears many aspiring online writers have about starting a freelance SEO writing career is landing their first clients. This is completely understandable. Having taught others how to start successful online writing careers since 2009, our guest writer Yuwanda Black, shares a recent success story; illustrating how simple it is to replicate success.

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What is a Freelance Writing Business?

This extremely popular question comes about as a result of the fact that many people are looking into establishing a side hustle or looking for ways to make extra money. As someone with more than five years of freelance writing experience under my belt, I still get this question regularly because plenty of people are not familiar with the opportunity to work online. This post breaks down the different elements that can make up a freelance writing business.

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What is the Most Important Thing I Need to Start My Freelance Writing Career?

The process of setting up your freelance writing career can be daunting especially with all the material out there about starting and marketing a freelance business. There are just so many elements to consider - your pitch, getting your website up and running, your marketing strategy, how your brand should be presented, which niche to specialize in etc. And while all of these are certainly key parts to the whole, this video will go into the single most important thing you need to build credibility, trust and to set yourself apart from the vast majority of freelance writers applying for the same gigs. 

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What Are the Most Common Types of Freelance Writing Jobs?

Freelance writing jobs have become extremely popular in the last several years. In fact, it’s become easier to break in as a freelance writer and identify freelance writing jobs online than ever before. Many people are considering this as an excellent way to add part-time income to their bottom line or to generate a full-time career that will allow them to leave their day job.

Whatever your goal is with freelance writing, I promise you that if you have the talent, the willingness to market yourself and the ability to deliver high-quality products on time to clients, you'll be able to succeed in the freelance writing industry.

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Are You Costing Yourself Freelance Writing Clients with These Unprofessional Mistakes?

In the freelancing world, ongoing retainer clients can be an amazing source of income stability. However, getting to the point where a client is happy to commit to a long-term working relationship hinges on the know, like, trust factor that you offer. These days, clients aren't just looking for the freelancer with the best work samples or the lowest prices. In fact, clients have been known to pass on someone with these credentials on the basis of a lack of rapport and professionalism alone. This week goes into the issue in some depth and offers tips for how you might handle different situations depending, of course, on the long-term value of this potential client from an opportunity, exposure, and income perspective. 

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Where Are the Best Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online?

This week's video is great for those of you looking to start your freelance writing business or if you're an established freelancer writer looking for new sources of leads. I share three of my favorite spots for landing high-value jobs and tips on how to make the most of these. I also offer a bonus resource listing "12 Hot Spots for Freelance Writers to Find Paid Writing Gigs". 

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How to Incorporate Awkward SEO Phrases into Your Blogs

As a search engine optimization writer, you need to be familiar with all the basic tenets of SEO writing. That means being familiar with headlines, formatting the text in a way that is readable, using meta tags and alt text to help tell search engines more about what your website is about and being able to incorporate awkward keywords throughout a document such that it reads naturally.

It's not always easy to incorporate awkward SEO phrases naturally, especially if you're not familiar with the basic ways to work in these phrases that will still seem slightly awkward but somewhat better once you have considered how to incorporate them into a sentence.

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Is Contena a Good Platform for Freelance Writers

As a freelancer in today's gig economy, being able find your ideal client online is a big piece of the success puzzle. In addition to the more traditional ways of doing this, there are also numerous online job boards to tap into.

This week's video shares my findings having tested out a platform called Contena for eight months. In it, I share how the platform works, my thoughts on its pricing structure, the types of jobs I found on there and which freelancers Contena might be a better fit for. 

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How to Actually Get Your Next Online Writing Gig

I’ve had the opportunity to hire hundreds of writers over the past few years, but there have also been many that have not made the cut for a project I was working on for other clients. I’ve seen the same patterns play out many times.

If you’re not hearing back and you’re submitting to online writing gigs, there are probably a few reasons behind it. Besides the obvious not being a fit or the position already being filled, many of these reasons are actually in your control.

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