How to Deal with the Up and Down Income of Freelancing


One of the greatest challenges that freelancers experience is figuring out how to deal with the ups and downs of freelancing. Sometimes our income fluctuates from month to month, or even across different seasons.

It’s important to be prepared for the fluctuations of income as a freelancer. It happens, and it’s a very normal part of life as a freelancer.

Ideally you want to get to a point where your month income and earnings from freelancing are relatively consistent, but it’s not always possible to make that happen right away or even month to month.

So, if your freelancing income is inconsistent, don’t beat yourself up about it.

In my latest video, I’m sharing my tips on how to deal with the up and down income of freelancing, including:

  • Tracking your sales as a quarterly goal

  • Set aside money during the busier times in your freelance business

  • Plan your vacations around the slow periods

  • Start an emergency fun

  • Never stop marketing!