Why Recruiters Can Be Your Best Friend as a Freelancer


If you’ve been around the blog a while, you know that I am obsessed with marketing on LinkedIn.

I have been refining my LinkedIn strategy for the last three years and it works really well as an inbound marketing platform for me. I love reaching out and connecting with other people on LinkedIn, including recruiters.

Recruiters can be your best friend; they literally bring business to you. They are some of the best people you can connect with on LinkedIn. They are always in the know with job opportunities. They do a ton of work through LinkedIn and it has become one of the most powerful tools that recruiters use to help fill jobs. I cannot tell you how many recruiters have reached out to me on LinkedIn. I have had recruiters bring me massive jobs and freelancing opportunities through LinkedIn.

In this video, I’m sharing how you can easily start connecting with and putting your name in front of recruiters on LinkedIn.


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