How to Get Clients to Understand Your Unique Value Proposition as a Freelancer


If you’re new to freelancing or if you are struggling to get clients to understand what you bring to the table, you need to start honing in on your unique value proposition

Your unique value proposition will always mean different things to different people. What I bring to the table as a freelancer or a writer or a project manager is going to look different than what another person in my field says or does. That is because we are all different people.

The more that you can hone in on what makes you different, the easier it is for you to attract your ideal clients. 

What exactly is a unique value proposition? It’s what only you can do or what you do really really well. Perhaps as an editor you have an eye for spotting mistakes and as a freelance editor that is something that you really focus on in your pitches and proposals to clients. As a result, you attract clients who are looking for that detail-oriented eye.

Watch the video below to learn more about different examples of unique value propositions, how to position yourself and stand out from the crowd with your unique value proposition.