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I've got some tips on what I consider to be a really hot and emerging niche, particularly for freelance writers: becoming a podcast show notes writer.


What are Podcast Show Notes?

If you've never heard of show notes before, my guess is you don't listen to podcasts.  Podcasts have gone through a renaissance in the last couple of years. A lot of people are launching podcasts or even expanding their own podcasts.

When somebody publishes audio or video content to their website, it doesn't necessarily translate easily to Google for search engine optimization. And sometimes people just don't like listening to audio-based content. That’s why a lot of podcasts provide show notes for their audience.

Show notes can come in many different formats: all the way from a literal word-by-word transcript (that's actually less common than you think), all the way through to somebody who listens to the podcast and writes down the ideas and tactics that come up in the show.

What Does a Podcast Show Notes Writer Do?

A podcast show notes writer may listen to the show, or the show owner may send the writer the podcast transcript and audio file.

The show notes writer then takes that material and translates it into a blog-style format to walk the audience through the key aspects of what happened on the show, what was discussed, and what were the key takeaways.

It is a ton of work to produce a podcast. I'm speaking as someone who has done it. One of the things that I outsourced was the show notes writing. It was a tremendous amount of work to listen to a 45 or 60-minute episode or even to comb through the transcript. It was really time-consuming for me, so I outsourced it.

A great way to learn more about what podcast show notes look like is to check out some of your favorite podcasts. Take a look and see whether they already have show notes. This will give you a really good idea of the different show notes formats that are available.


Where Do I Find Podcast Show Notes Clients?

So you’ve decided you want to be a show notes writer. Where do you find clients? The good news is that podcasts are so popular. More and more people are thinking about putting together podcasts and needing help managing their podcast (like I did).

Freelance writers, especially those who love podcasting, may be able to jump into this way of landing freelance writing clients by simply finding podcasts that they enjoy listening to. You can also join Facebook groups where people are thinking about launching a podcast. This is a great way to network and learn about some of the common challenges they experience as podcast owners. Try interacting with people in these groups and offer your services as a show notes writer.

If you already love listening to podcasts, having your ear to the pulse and being knowledgeable about people who are presenting podcasts, this is a great way to stay really in tune. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for writers to brand themselves as show note experts. This niche may be the right fit for you. Best of luck!   


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