What is the Best Freelancing Site?

This is a difficult question to answer as every individual is going to have their personal preferences about the freelancing sites that they like to use. Personally, I've had positive experiences with Upwork.com, which used to be called Elance for years. However, there are other opportunities out there including:

Depending on your individual preferences and a site that posts the most relevant jobs for you, this is the best way to determine the best freelancing site for you. It is never easy to determine what is exactly going to be most appropriate for your individual concerns but do not hesitate to identify a freelancing site that makes things easy for you as the freelancer. For me, the best freelancer site is Upwork.com simply because it is the largest freelancing platform in the world.

Millions of clients head over to Upwork.com when they are thinking about posting a job. Upwork makes things easy for you by serving as an intermediary. That simply means that they are the platform on which clients can post jobs. As a freelancer, you'll pay a monthly membership fee and a portion of every project to Upwork for this privilege.

Clients will post a job on Upwork and then relevant contractors will apply with the estimation of how long they think it would take them to complete as well as information about their own background. This means that the clients are already presold and understand the benefits of outsourcing this particular project. This is one of the reasons that I consider Upwork to be the best freelancer site.

Once the client has selected a freelancer to work with, they will hire that person and then put the money into escrow on Upwork. This gives you a tremendous amount of payment protection as a new freelancer. In fact, it's one of the reasons that I recommend Upwork as the best freelancer site still in 2017.

Having to fight and chase down money is never an easy prospect and it can be overwhelming and lead to dead ends for a brand-new freelancer. Having Upwork handle this for you makes things easier. The sheer number of jobs posted on Upwork is one of the leading reasons why it's such a popular site.

Since it comes up high in the search engine rankings, it's easy for clients to find it and post a job there. Most people are also familiar with Upwork because they know somebody else who has had a positive experience with it. This makes it that much easier for them to set up a job and an account there to hire somebody.

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