How I Landed 30+ Podcast Interviews in One Month

Appearing as a guest on a podcast show is a great way to market your business and position yourself as a credible expert in your industry. In this week’s video, I draw on my own experience landing over 30 podcast interviews in a month. In it, I discuss three things I learned about how you can land (and nail) multiple interviews as a guest expert and use the opportunity to network with the host of the show.


Hey everybody!

When I get the same question over and over again, it's a clear sign that I need to cover it in a YouTube video or on a podcast episode. I've had a number of people reach out to me lately and ask me how I was able to land over 30 interviews in less than three months as a guest expert on other people’s podcasts. And, because I did this so successfully and basically on my own, with very little investment of time – it's something that could be really valuable for you in case you're looking for an additional way to market your business and establish yourself as a credible professional in your industry.

Once you start landing podcast interviews, it's much easier to roll those into future ones. I’m about to give you a couple of key tips on how to do this. I also offer a paid course all about how to land and nail multiple interviews as a guest expert, and network with the host of the show to make the most of it. You can get access to that by clicking the link down below.

Find the Right Podcasts

First of all, you need to seek out podcasts that already have your ideal audience. I'm talking about people who are talking to the same individuals you are talking to. If you're an online marketer, that doesn't just mean going to online marketing podcasts. For example, if you're like me – a blog writer for a particular industry – you should seek out podcasts about that industry. Let's say you write about HVAC services, plumbing and pool cleaning. Look for podcasts that the business owners of those companies are already listening to, and then position yourself as a guest expert to go on the show talking about marketing for those businesses. When you're pitching yourself as a guest expert, there are lots of different podcasts you can go on, but you have to think about the different spin for each one of those.

Stand Out

The second thing to remember is not to send a generic pitch to the podcast host. Bare in mind that podcast hosts get a ton of pitches all the time, and that one of the easiest things to do is to copy and paste a template – but that doesn't show any personalization. Have a listen to the actual podcast itself, form a personal connection with the person. It’ll be a lot easier if you can talk about something you love about their show and show them that they haven’t had a guest like you on their show before. This shows extra effort and consideration, and won't take up a whole lot of your time.

Have a schedule

The third thing to keep in mind if you’re looking to land guest expert positions on podcasts is to have a clear pitching schedule. I challenge myself to pitch at least three podcasts every day in the months leading up to the busy period of appearing as a guest expert on a bunch of shows. I've incorporated this into my business on a regular basis by checking a couple of times a week and pitching myself to numerous hosts. Having a system will make things easier for you. In my paid course all about how to land guest expert interviews and become featured on really popular podcasts and network with amazing hosts, you can learn all of the steps that you need to take in order to capitalize on these opportunities – the links to learn more about this are below this video.