Why People Fail to Hire Their First Virtual Assistant

In the Better Biz Academy, I am always focused on how you can run your business more effectively and one of the topics that I consistently return to is the value of hiring the right virtual assistant.

In order to enable you to leverage your time and make more money, you will need to consider incorporating a virtual assistant into your business at some point in time.

Unfortunately, far too many people put off the process of hiring a virtual assistant or simply even vetting potential candidates for the role because they are unsure about what a virtual assistant can do and they don't realize that investing in such a person could actually enable them to do and achieve so much more. This represents a major mindset shift that must happen for anyone who is in the process of hiring a virtual assistant and wants to do so successfully.

In the YouTube video above, learn more about why a virtual assistant should be considered an investment rather than an expense when you go about the process of delegating and moving tasks off your plate. As you remove things from your plate, it can be wonderful to see someone else step in to provide the same quality and level of satisfaction without you having to do the task yourself. But failing to understand that a virtual assistant is actually a very important component of being able to grow your revenue and get more of your time back can make delegation a difficult process. 


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