Types of Freelance Gigs and Freelancers Most Often Hired Out on Upwork


Upwork is the biggest job board in the entire world and it is a place where freelance clients come to post their requests for proposals from freelancers. While there are dozens and dozens of different types of freelancers out there, only particular types are likely to find enough business opportunities on Upwork to make it well worth their time to post there.

What follows are some of the most common freelancers hired on Upwork by clients, ranging from solopreneurs all the way up to major Fortune 500 companies. If you are thinking about starting a career in one of these categories, you can peruse Upwork to learn more about the job options that have been posted there and see whether or not they appeal to you before signing up for a profile.

Remember that all kinds of freelancers have been hired — this is just a list of what I see most often.


Virtual Assistants

'Virtual Assistant' is a very broad term used to describe someone who handles administrative tasks for someone else. This could be internet research, entering material on spreadsheets, drafting and sending emails, managing someone's calendar or email inbox, scheduling social media and more. Virtual assistants take over tasks that their clients do not have the time, ability, or interest to do.


Graphic Design

You'll find a plethora of graphic design opportunities on Upwork; people who need logos, brochures redesigned, and other branding materials. There are so many different types of graphic design jobs that it can, in fact, be overwhelming for an Upwork graphic designer to get started. Again, do a search and see what's out there before getting involved.


Web Developer

There are just as many different types of web developers on Upwork as you can imagine and likewise, the number of jobs corresponding to those freelancers is also very diverse. Web developers can find a good niche on Upwork because so many people need web development assistance and don't have the technical expertise to handle it on their own.


Voice Over Artist

Voice over artists might not find as many opportunities as other freelancers on Upwork but there are still plenty of people requesting the assistance of a voice-over artist for radio, television commercials, online courses, and other materials.



Writers of all types, from sales copywriters to SEO bloggers to whitepaper drafters, will find opportunities to get hired on Upwork. Many clients looking for writers will go to Upwork first as their research begins in hiring a freelance copywriter or blogger.


Marketing Specialists

This is a catch-all term category on Upwork that has people in it who design entire marketing strategies and everything across the board as it relates to marketing and sales funnels. Again, to decide whether or not this is right for you, check out the job opportunities that have recently been posted in the marketing category to get a better perspective on what's involved.


Social Media Strategists

While you'll find a lot of social media jobs under the virtual assistants’ category, many people who specialize in social media like running ads on Pinterest, Facebook and similar platforms will have an expertise that makes them a strategist rather than just someone who schedules social media. Social media strategists can find plenty of job opportunities on Upwork.



Most of the editing jobs for freelancers will be under the category of writing on Upwork but lots of people need help proofreading or even conducting comprehensive edits on pieces of fiction and nonfiction. You'll even find ongoing editing jobs. Since content is such a key part of marketing plans for many businesses today, editors are in very high demand. Check out my online course on Udemy called 'How to become a Freelance Editor' and learn how to start or add editing to your freelance offering.


There are many other types of freelancers who may be able to find jobs here and there on the Upwork platform but they will not be in such high volume as those that I have mentioned above. For example, there is a category for legal work in which people post requests for needing an attorney to draft something or to represent them in a case. However, because these are so sporadic, it may not line up for the state in which you practice law. It might be a good opportunity to find leads every so often but not as a consistent source of lead generation.

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