Why You Should Define Your Ideal Client

Before delving into the process of creating your business, there’s something more important than the design of your website and starting a blog that you need to think about.

I’m talking about your ideal client. This is essentially the people you want to work with, and who want to work with you. Your ideal client will be the one who sees the value in investing in you and your process, that equally contributes ideas and takes your suggestions, and feels most connected to your values and methodology. Not knowing your ideal client beforehand can lead to a huge waste of time, money, resources and effort.

Below are all the reasons why you should define your ideal client before jumping into business running.


It will help you to tailor your brand

If you figure out who your ideal client is, you can tailor elements of your brand to target that audience directly. Everything from your choice of colors, your calls to action, graphic styles down to your logo, tagline and newsletters can be tailored to suit exactly the kind of client you want to work with.

Knowing who your ideal client is will help you design a business which that kind of client will want to keep in touch with. They’ll sign up to your email list, come back to see what’s going on across your platforms, and even purchase from you! If they’re happy with your services, they could even return for more work from you!

Imagine your target client is female business owners and bloggers. Now that you’ve decided on this information, you know to style your content with feminine, elegant colors, and styles. Are there certain colors that would put this client off? Certain language? These are all things you’ve allowed yourself to consider by defining your target client! All the aspects of your business are worth heavy consideration, even the bells and whistles that don’t seem important! Be clear and consistent on who your target audience is and how you are going to tailor your brand to suit their needs!

Knowing what your ideal client needs from you will help you to create the ultimate product for their needs, something for their business that’s irresistible to them! 

It will help you earn more money

Knowing who your target client is will allow you to learn more about that type of person’s lifestyle. Their interests, age, gender and more. You’ll soon know what your ideal clients are typically able to pay and willing to invest in your kind of services. You’ll even be able to figure out their preferred method of payment and how they prefer to be approached. Your ideal client will be able to recognize the fact that they’re your ideal client, by seeing that you’ve put them first and understood exactly what their needs are. They’ll be impressed that everything about your business is just what they’ve been looking for! Defining your ideal client isn’t about ruling certain clients out; it’s about targeting specific clients so well that they must say ‘Yes’!

You’ll know how to help your clients

Knowing your target client will mean you understand their red flags and what turns that client off, and will give you a heads up on how you prevent these things, or how to deal with it should the problems arise. Being able to predict issues that your target client may bring will help you to handle the situation professionally when it occurs, allowing you to resolve things quickly and move forward.

Defining your ideal client can be a little scary since there are so many other types of audiences out there that your brand will no longer be directly targeted at! But ultimately, it will benefit your business in the long-run, as your target clients will be the ones who are most willing to invest in your services, and most pleased with your results.

I hope this post helped you see the importance of target audiences! Who is your ideal client?