Boost Your Online Presence

I’ve spoken in-depth in another blog post on how social media provides validity for your business and expands your reach, thus targeting a wider audience. In my experience, I’ve received most of my clients through participating in Facebook groups and engaging with others in my niche on Twitter.

Social media helps you to build trust between you and your client. It adds personality to your business and shows you to be a real human being and not a sales representative for your own products. Your clients only want to trust real people with a strong online presence. That’s what will really convince them to work with you.

Using social media platforms to communicate with potential clients is also a great way to build up anticipation and excitement within your clients. This is considered when tweeting or posting about things like giveaways. The way you speak to your audience on social media when discussing the giveaway, helps them to decide whether they consider you. There’s nothing quite like a very active online presence to prove how ‘on top of things’ a person is.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to beat Facebook’s algorithm and expand your reach. You can also refine Facebook ads specifically to your target audience for as much money as you spend on your morning coffee. You can choose everything about who the advert reaches; from their location to their gender and what subjects they’re interested in. This can be a great way to generate new clients and fill up your waiting list.

Build your email list

The bloggers and business owners that I feel I have the closest ‘internet relationship’ with despite having never met them, are the ones that fill my inbox with helpful emails. It’s personalized, familiar, and direct. Building an email campaign is one of the best things you can do for your business and will encourage potential clients to check out your services and even make a purchase. Email lists allow you to stay in touch with those who subscribe in a way that other methods of communication don’t provide. Not everyone makes the time to check out your website or social media platforms every day, but most people check their emails at least once a day. This means you can get in touch with your most loyal subscribers and let them know what’s going on, give notice about offers and discount codes, and promote your business.

It’s also a great way to establish yourself as a professional to potential clients. If you share advice with your subscribers weekly via email; they will remember your name, the next time they need help.

Ask those who didn’t purchase for feedback

Sometimes you think you have a potential client ready to go and you’ll start working together soon, yet they never get back to you. I’ve had quite a few emails and Facebook messages from potential clients who inquired about my work and what I can do for their business and then haven’t emailed me back again.

Although it can be a little awkward, it’s worthwhile to get in touch with those clients and find out why they didn’t make a purchase. Drop them an email thanking them for considering your services, then ask them what you can do to improve your business and enhance your client process. Let them know that you’re aware it’s a bit of an awkward question to answer, but that you’d appreciate any constructive criticism they can offer.

Start an Etsy Store

This tip is included quite simply because it’s another great platform to advertise your services. It’s yet another marketplace for people to find you via. I started listing my services on Etsy to invoice my clients, and quite a few clients have ended up finding me through there.

Work on your SEO

Working on your search engine optimization (SEO) will allow your clients to find you through Google. I used to think it was difficult for clients to find you through Google since there are so many others with small businesses doing the same thing you are. However, if you get specific and work hard on implementing keywords that describe your business into your website, there’s potential for many new clients.

How do you draw in more clients for your business?