Top 5 Facebook Groups For Growing Your Business

I used to be a member of tons of Facebook groups when I first began my business, but they seemed to fade away for a while. Now, they’re back on the rise, and for good reason

Facebook groups are incredible for business, and I’ve discussed in detail how great they can be here. These days, you’re unlikely to come across a business coach who doesn’t advise you to jump on the hype and start getting involved with Facebook groups. They’re private communities, away from judgment, filled with up to thousands of people in the same field as you. They provide you with masses of people who have experienced the same ups and downs as you have, making for a less lonely and better-advised business journey.

Unfortunately, us business owners can sometimes get a little too excited and get too friendly with the ‘Join group’ button. Some groups are wonderful communities ready to help you out at your first call, but others are just crowded with thousands of self-promoters, who aren’t even active most of the time. How do you know which ones are worth joining?

Below are the Facebook groups I’ve found to be most beneficial for my business, and most interactive:

Blog + Biz BFFs

This Facebook page was created by the business savvy Melyssa Griffin. Her blog contains endless information on business expansion and driving traffic to websites. Her group, Blog + Biz BFFs, has a whopping 30,000 members, all creating a wonderful sense of community with free webinars and great advice snippets to note down for your business. Melyssa and other members of her team interact directly with group members and offer all the help they can for any problems you may have.

Creative Superheroes

This Facebook group is targeted specifically at creative female entrepreneurs. Similar to Blog and Biz BFFs, this group makes you feel like you know the host personally, due to their helpful and interactive nature with everyone they can possibly get around to. And whether you're looking for support, feedback, brainstorming or inspiration, there’s always an experienced person in the group who is more than happy to share their knowledge.

Savvy Business Owners

This group is perfect for all the savvy girl bosses out there! Approximately 9,000 female business owners contribute to the community in this group and learn from one another. Like many of the other groups in this article, the community encourages you to share resources and knowledge that have helped your business, with others. They also have daily threads designated to certain business topics, prompting users to engage and share.

Being Boss

Being Boss is a Facebook group I’ve had great experiences with, originally created for listeners of the ‘Being Boss’ podcast. This group particularly focus on empowerment through a loyal community, and focuses on helping you own all of your professional decisions and ultimately come out on top. It’s incredibly confidence boosting and helpful, with thousands of members ready to share ideas and advice.

Blogging Boost

Blogging Boost is probably the best Facebook group I’ve used for self-promoting work. Mondays are dedicated to blog post promotions, while social media promotions and requests for collaborations are designated to other weekdays. It does, however, allow you to celebrate wins, discuss relevant topics and ask for advice on the main wall. It offers many opportunities for advertising your work and putting out requests for collaborations. You can also join the Blogging Boost newsletter for blogging tips, resources, classes, and more.


What Facebook groups do you use for your business?