What To Do When Business Is Slow

This blog post is full of tips on what you can do to boost sales when business is slow, or even just little things you can do to vamp up your business when you have some spare time on your hands. If you ever have nothing to do and you happen to be wondering what you can do for your small business, that’s the time to get this guide out!

Send Business Cards

I used to think that business cards were a thing of the past now that we’re in the digital age, but they’re more effective than you might think. You can’t always expect customers and visitors to remember your website URL or social media handles. If they have your business card, they can pop it on their desk or on the fridge, and they’ll come across it enough to remember you. When they need your services later, they’ll go and find the card to remind themselves of who you are.

If business is a little slow, send some business cards out to potential clients to say a little ‘hello’ and introduce yourself. You never know who might be looking for your kind of service. If you’ve had business cards in the past and you’ve since updated your logo, website URL, or social media profiles, make sure you order some new ones. You can also prolong your client’s time with you by popping business cards that list your services along with any packages you send them, or send them electronically with any business cards you send them.

Write a Business Plan

Writing out a business plan helps you to clearly set out your goals and, weirdly enough, makes them seem more achievable once written down. You probably should have done one before you started your business, but it’s okay if you didn’t. When business is slow and you get some free time, get it done. It will make you feel better about your business skills and more motivated to reach your goals, and you might even notice some mistakes you can rectify.

Enroll in an eCourse

Have a look through your Facebook groups to see if anyone’s advertising or recommending an online class that could benefit your business. Try to learn something new that you can apply to your process and get some more clients rolling in. You could do an online photography course to help improve your website's graphics, or a copywriting course to help you speak to your potential clients directly and persuasively. There are a bunch of vocational subjects you can learn, and most can be applied to your business!

Round Up Some Reviews

One thing that speeds up your business and brings in more clients is a recommendation from others. Round up some reviews and testimonials and add them to your website. This settles the minds of potential customers who are wondering whether you’re worth working with. It shows your experience, and just how great your service is. Attach a testimonial or two to the end of your newsletters and advertisements when you promote your services too. To find testimonials, you can email previous and current clients and ask them what they think of your service. You can also search your business name through Twitter and see what people have been saying about you and your work. You can embed tweets by clicking ‘more’ on the tweet you want to attach to your website or newsletter and copy the code that pops up. I’d recommend embedding it on a specific ‘Testimonials’ page on your website, or at the bottom of your ‘Work with me’ page. Instantly, you have reliable praise about your business, ready for your customer’s consideration.

Revamp Your Website

A business make-over for your website should help you to feel a little more fresh, professional and design-savvy. It doesn’t have to be a complete revamp, but it’s fun and current to update your sidebars and buttons. Add a few of your recent projects to your portfolio section. Update your logo. Change your picture in the sidebar. Just alter a couple of things to improve on your website overall!

Contact Past Clients

Send some past clients an email and ask them how the service you provided them has helped and generally how they are getting on. Ask them if they have any questions or need any extra help. Chances are, they might have something else they need doing and would prefer someone they’ve already worked with to help them out.

Plan Your Next Blog Post

I’ve spoken in another blog post about how important blogging for your business is, even if your business is not a blog. If you have a bit of down time in your business, utilize it by planning what your next blog posts are going to be. Even if you just come up with a few effective titles to work with, you’ve accomplished a great business goal.

Plan Your Next Product / Service (If There Is One)

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your store or your range of services, now is the time to think about what you want to do and create a plan of action. Writing down where you want to go with your business, what it involves, and how you’re going to achieve it will help you to feel motivated, accomplished and inspired.

I hope this article helped you to get your business sped up a little! Check out this blog post for more advice!

What do you do when business is slow?

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