How To Use Periscope To Grow Your Business

Live video is a hot topic for bloggers and business owners now, with hundreds of business coaches and bloggers preaching about the benefits of live Facebook videos and more! In a sense, Snapchat can also be a form of live video (though it can be viewed later too) and that platform is one big marketing tool. One other platform for live video I’ve been getting along with is Periscope. Twitter released a game-changer with this app, with many users appearing to love it, have fun with it, and increase their business’ reach with it.

The best thing about Periscope is the ease in which you can use it. You can begin broadcasting in video format from your phone’s camera instantly, and you can scroll through videos anytime. Audiences, no matter who yours are, love video. Mixing up how you deliver your content is key to holding an audience’s attention, and Periscope is a nice and easy platform to start with. If I haven’t sold Periscope to you yet, here are five ways you can use Periscope for your business.

Product Demonstrations

If you’re launching a new product for your business, whether that be a physical, digital or informational product, use Periscope to offer your audience and potential clients a live demo of it. Seeing the product working effectively through a live video (where nothing can be curated or edited as closely as other platforms) will encourage potential clients to purchase, as it offers live proof of the working product. Since your potential clients are watching in real-time, they can also instantly ask you a question as soon as it springs to mind, and you can prove yourself to be ever so helpful by answering it immediately.

Discount Codes

It’s beneficial to your business to reward your Periscope viewers by including flash sales, discount codes, or news about competitions specifically for them, as a thank you for watching your videos. On more intimate platforms like Periscope, you will likely have less visitors than other platforms (your Instagram or general website, for example) and so it’s a nice gesture to reward those loyal visitors who follow you across to see what you’re up to. It will not only bring in more sales but also encourage viewers to watch the rest of your broadcasts.

Host a Q&A

If there’s any type of video that reels audiences in, it’s question and answer videos. They are the perfect way to introduce yourself to an audience and answer questions about your brand. Get your audience to participate by tweeting questions or asking them via a hashtag beforehand, and answer them live on Periscope. Alternatively, you could host the whole Q&A live by saying hello on Periscope, then allowing your viewers to ask questions they may have and get them answered in real-time. Setting aside half an hour to answer your audience’s questions is great for building brand loyalty.

Share Announcements

Sharing announcements early with your Periscope viewers will offer them a reward for their loyalty and a reason to keep watching your other broadcasts. You can also announce announcements (crazy, right?!) by letting your audience know something big is coming up soon. They are likely to come back for another broadcast just to find out what that big thing is! You can use Periscope as an outlet for live announcements when your business is changing in some way or your planning a new product.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

I’ve spoken in quite some depth before about how much audiences love sneak peeks from behind the scenes of a business. It’s a great way to get your potential clients excited about planned products by showing them glimpses of the creative process behind it, and other similar content. Share methods for how you work on your products and give your audience a sneak peak of blog posts you're about to upload. There are plenty of things you can share on Periscope that your audience would love to see. If you’re stuck for content, give your viewers a little tour of your workspace! Your audience is likely to be filled with creatives like you, and creative people love workspaces.


Have you joined Periscope yet?