Tips for Dealing With The Overwhelm in Your Freelance Business

Never ending deadlines? Feeling like you're no longer in control? Take a deep breath. There is a vast difference between being challenged and being overwhelmed. There could also be a whole spectrum of reasons as to why you might've found yourself - as I have - feeling this way. In this post, I reflect on my own experience of feeling overwhelmed in my business, the decisions that led me down that path and the tips I picked up along the way that helped me deal with it better. 

Pricing Tips for Your Service Based Business

If you are thinking about starting a service based business but can’t seem to decide on a pricing structure or if you’re already up and running but aren’t sure if you’re priced right, you are not alone. Thinking back to when I first started my freelance writing business, I remember not knowing what to charge clients for my services either! Having gone from startup freelancer to successful six-figure freelance business, however, I’m now sharing some of my top tips and considerations for getting your pricing just right. 

Are Monthly Membership Sites Worth It?

The best and most successful freelancers and entrepreneurs have several things in common and one of those things is the constant drive to do more and do better - which leads me to the topic of this post I wrote recently for Boss Babe. In it, I go into what you might consider as you think about whether a monthly membership site is the best investment for you and your business right now - as an alternative to something like one-on-one coaching. 

When Your Business Needs a Pivot

An important skill for any freelancer or business owner is knowing when to stay the course vs. change direction. This post I wrote for Boss Babe explains the thought process behind a business pivot and the possible motivators for pivoting. Pivoting can be extremely challenging (and outcomes are never guaranteed!) but there are a few things you can do to make it much easier on yourself.

When & Why Hiring A Project Manager Makes Sense

This post discusses why outsourcing to a virtual assistant, online business manager and/or project manager, can be a key enabler for growing your online business. In it, I talk about when each of these outsourcing options makes the most sense, and how each role offers specific benefits. I also focus on how the right project manager can make all the difference as they convert your ideas into meaningful action steps.