Freelance Writing For Beginners: How To Maximize Your Earning Potential As A Freelance Writer

There's an extremely high demand for knowledgeable and talented freelance writers out there. But, how do you know that your skills will actually translate to earning potential for you in a part-time or a full-time career as a freelance writer? 

Creating a Test Job for Your New VA

If there's one thing I see come up over and over again when someone is hiring their first VA, it's that they have in mind this perfect person, perhaps someone they already know. Or maybe you interviewed a couple of VAs and feel that there's one standing head and shoulders above the crowd. Now, there's certainly nothing wrong with wanting to hire your virtual assistant and be done with it. That's really true if you've already interviewed the person and they seem like a great fit.

However, there's one final step you should never skip when outsourcing: a test job or trial period.

How to Test Your Business Product Idea First

Putting something out into the world that's been sparked by your creative process is a really personal thing to do. It can be terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. You have all your hopes and dreams pinned on this workbook, course, ebook, or training selling dozens or hundreds. So what happens when that product sits there and sells nada? All the work you put into it seems for naught even if you know the material you put out was good.

Missing this crucial step of testing your idea could mean lost time and decreased creativity because the next time around, you won't feel as motivated, even if your idea would be in high demand.

Beware "Freelance" Clients Treating You Like an Employee

Have you ever had a client that pushed your personal boundaries big time? 

In the U.S., it is illegal for someone to hire you as an independent contractor (i.e. you signed a W9 and are being given a 1099 each year) and then treat you like an employee.

While it might seem like there are clear lines because you call someone a freelancer or contractor, this post draws your attention to instances where the lines might not be so clear.

Udemy Versus Teachable for Online Courses

There are many options out there on how to host your online course. You could do it on your own by installing a membership plugin on your WordPress site. Alternatively, you could choose to work with any one of the many online course platforms out there.

Today, I am going to talk about two of my favorite online course platforms, go into how they are different and share my thoughts on specific instances when one might be more suitable than the other.