Why People Fail to Hire Their First Virtual Assistant

In the Better Biz Academy, I am always focused on how you can run your business more effectively and one of the topics that I consistently return to is the value of hiring the right virtual assistant.

In order to enable you to leverage your time and make more money, you will need to consider incorporating a virtual assistant into your business at some point in time.

Unfortunately, far too many people put off the process of hiring a virtual assistant or simply even vetting potential candidates for the role because they are unsure about what a virtual assistant can do and they don't realize that investing in such a person could actually enable them to do and achieve so much more. This represents a major mindset shift that must happen for anyone who is in the process of hiring a virtual assistant and wants to do so successfully.

In the YouTube video above, learn more about why a virtual assistant should be considered an investment rather than an expense when you go about the process of delegating and moving tasks off your plate. As you remove things from your plate, it can be wonderful to see someone else step in to provide the same quality and level of satisfaction without you having to do the task yourself. But failing to understand that a virtual assistant is actually a very important component of being able to grow your revenue and get more of your time back can make delegation a difficult process. 

How Much Can I Really Scale My Business Myself?

Many entrepreneurs are under the impression that the way things have worked for them for many months or years is the way that it can continue to work in the future. However, if you're building your business the right way, you probably have the question, how much can I really scale my business myself? The answer is: not too far without burning yourself out or becoming extremely frustrated. This is because every single person has the same limitation of hours and mental ability to focus during the day. Even when you're pushing yourself extensively, you're probably only increasing your chances of burning out and getting frustrated more quickly.

Sometimes people who attempt to handle everything on their own seem fine, until one day when they just can't function anymore or have medical conditions associated with their stress level. One of the easiest ways to scale back on what you're doing while also growing your business at the same time is hiring a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is often the first key to the puzzle as you begin delegating to someone else and successfully growing your business. The answer to the question, how much can I really scale my business myself can easily be answered by thinking about how many things you're doing that you shouldn't be doing. There are probably tasks in your business that are extremely time consuming and are not putting you in your zone of genius.


What is Your Zone of Genius?

Your zone of genius is when you're working on tasks that are both revenue generating and enjoyable. These are your money makers. For example, if you are a life coach you probably don't make revenue directly from putting together ads to places that feature an image on your blog. This might be an important component of your content marketing strategy, it's probably not the most effective use of your time. This is particularly true if you're not a design expert and find yourself spending hours deciding on just the right image and font size to use. This could easily be outsourced to somebody else and give you the peace of mind that hiring a virtual assistant was the right choice for you. It can be difficult to identify the best approach when hiring your first virtual assistant but the truth is that you want someone who is going to continue to support you and ideally, grow with you.


Biggest Mistakes When First Hiring Help

People tend to make a big mistake when they first hire a virtual assistant, which is in assuming that they can dump everything on this other person's plate. Remember that it takes time and trust to build a relationship with someone that you are outsourcing to, so you need to make the effort to train them appropriately and to gradually scale up the work they are doing as your virtual assistant before giving them far too much. If you dump too many things on your virtual assistant's plate, you run the risk of them being totally overwhelmed and shutting down completely.

This could make you very frustrated and lead to you firing the virtual assistant or the virtual assistant feeling annoyed and quitting on their own. You'll then feel burned about the whole prospect of delegating to begin with, at which point, you will go back to your same old bad habits and be unable to really scale your business. What I recommend for people who are hiring their first virtual assistant is to start small and then build their way up. You may even wish to hire a couple of individuals and give them a test job so they have the opportunity to show how they work for you.

This is strongly recommended because some people present themselves very well on paper but are not actually successful when it comes down to interpreting directions and carrying things out in a time efficient manner. Do not hesitate to hire your first virtual assistant but be mindful of the fact that you must be delegating things appropriately if you wish to really see a return on your investment. For example, if you hire a virtual assistant for only two hours’ worth of work a week, this will certainly take things off your plate and allow you to get comfortable with the prospect of delegating but it's not going to save you a tremendous amount of time or allow you to make that much more money. Concepts like that will only come into play when you are able to delegate more and more so that you have time left for yourself and growing the business. 

How to Expand Your Reach on Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook’s algorithms can be incredibly cruel to our blogs and businesses, making it so no matter how hard we try, our content is rarely seen by any of our audience! Here are some tips for how you can beat the algorithms and expand your audience reach and ultimately attract more clients

Provide relevant details

Audiences will not hit that ‘Like’ button or take a look through your website and services if your profile is not completely up to date. Make sure your page appeals to the needs of your potential clients by adding enough contact details to your Facebook header and on your ‘About’ page. You should at least include your company name and email in your header, which you can make appear more stylish and appeal to your branding using a free tool like Canva or Picmonkey. If you’re a local company, be sure to add your business address and phone number. If not, your website and email address should suffice!

Engage with your audience

Share your content as regularly as possible and engage with your audience by writing captions that encourage them to speak up! Ask them questions, run polls, host giveaways and run competitions! If people offer good feedback, suggestions, or just say hello, interact with them and reply to as many comments as you possibly can! These are your potential clients and they need to feel like their needs are being met!

Use attractive graphics

Use an online free tool like Canva or Picmonkey to create stunning social media graphics that Facebook users will adore! Brilliant photography and stimulating graphics always generate likes, shares and comments on Facebook! All of which is positive exposure for your business, and should always be encouraged. You should also use Bit.ly to shorten your links when posting to Facebook. Audiences are turned off by long links as they look a little intimidating, and are much more likely to click through when they see a shorter one!

Try paid advertising

Facebook advertisements cost no more than your morning coffee at Starbucks! If you’re on a tight budget, maybe try giving that coffee up for a week and attract more likes and engagement to your Facebook page. You can set up a campaign in minutes with no bother. Facebook recommends different types of target audiences for you to choose from and allows you to save audience types for future advertisements. You can be really selective with who your content is advertised to, depending on their gender, age, location, and even their personal interests. Once done, your audience will grow at a much quicker rate than before!

Use a post scheduler

It’s hard to keep on top of just one social media platform, let alone the few that you’re probably trying to juggle right now! To help stay on top of things, try using a social media scheduler to help you out! Some of the most popular ones are Hootsuite, Buffer, and Edgar. I personally find Buffer to be the most effective! Buffer has a free version which limits posting to just Facebook and Twitter, and can schedule enough posts for up to a couple of days. However, for $10 a month you can upgrade to the premium version of Buffer, where you can post to any of your social media platforms and schedule as many posts as you need, all in advance.

Offer discounts

Your Facebook fans deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty and given a reason to return to the page! Offer promotions, offers, sales and discount codes exclusively for followers of your Facebook page. They’re a great way to gain some interaction (and some sales! Yay, money!) and it’s a great way to get the word out about your services. Discount codes motivate clients to spontaneously purchase your products/services. They may have been loitering around on your page for a while and thought about purchasing but weren’t sure about investing that amount. Seeing that you’re now having a discount will help convince them to drop everything and purchase quickly before the price goes back to normal.

I hope this post helped! How do you run your Facebook business page?

How To Start Your Facebook Business Page

Even if you’re a newbie to the business world, you’ve probably heard all the horror stories about Facebook and its scary algorithms! Unfortunately, most of the rumors are true. Facebook’s algorithms mean that your social media content will not get anywhere near as high a reach as it will on other platforms! However, that doesn’t mean that Facebook should be abandoned.


Every business worth working with has a business Facebook page. Despite its bad algorithms, it’s still many business owners’ top source of traffic. Facebook has a huge number of users and so to ignore the platform altogether would be unwise, and more importantly, damaging to your business growth. There is still potential to reach a large audience and spread word of your services/content in a way that can’t be done on other platforms.


You can infuse a little more personality into your business with a Facebook page. There’s less pressure to keep ‘on theme’ and you can have a little more fun with it as opposed to your experience on Twitter or Instagram, for instance. The most important thing to do with your Facebook page is to be social. Share other people’s content that’s relevant to your niche. Like other pages within your niche, too. You might make friends (making for a less lonely business journey) and it will invite them to take a look through your content, too. Be as social as you possibly can in order to encourage the same interaction with your own posts.


To give your brand more exposure, run competitions where sharing and liking your content is part of the criteria to be entered. If your content goes viral, you will be attracting many extra potential clients who may not have discovered you beforehand; not just those who are interested in entering the competition. Another way you can spread your message and attract more potential customers is by giving your audience a call to action. For example, if you’re sharing one of your blog posts on how to start a more productive morning routine, write a caption like ‘Tag a friend who needs this!’ and get the comment ball rolling.


People tend to give up on Facebook pages very quickly, so it’s important to make sure your Facebook business page is always content rich. Post a lot of content with engaging captions and pretty graphics to encourage interaction from those who discover your page. You can use online tools such as Canva and Picmonkey to create beautiful social media graphics that catch an audience’s eye much more than just plain old words! Give them a reason to hit the ‘like’ button and stick around.

Keeping your page full of content is also a brilliant, organic way to beat the Facebook algorithms and expand your audience reach a little further. To begin with, your reach will come from your ‘likes’, but as your audience becomes more engaged, liking and sharing your content, more people will be viewing your content on others’ newsfeeds.

Although tempting when you’re first starting and everything relies on likes, do not buy likes! Places like Fiverr and other social media based companies offer packages where they deliver a set amount of ‘fans’ or ‘likes’ to your social media platform. Although waiting for audience interaction can be an exhausting waiting game, this type of ‘bought’ interaction is a complete waste of your money and time. A page with 30 interactive fans holds more value and reaches a wider audience than a page with 1000 fake users. Get your first set of likes organically by inviting your friends to like your page and sharing content from your page onto your personal account.


Consistency is key when it comes to any social media platform. Tailor your social media posts to keep within your niche and make sure your brand is always represented in your content. However, take this with a pinch of salt! As said earlier, Facebook is different in the sense that it allows you to have a little fun! Show your audience a little of your fun side to add a personal touch! 


I hope this helped! How do you run your business page?