What Kinds of Freelancers are Most Likely to Get Hired on Upwork?

Upwork provides the opportunities to connect with clients all over the world who are in need of freelance assistance. Whether it's a solopreneur or a major company looking for a freelancer, many businesses can benefit from outsourcing particular tasks on a one time or an ongoing basis to a freelancer.What companies look for in hiring a freelancer will depend on their individual needs but there are several common traits that can be identified in successful Upwork freelancers.

Should I Work on A Fixed Priced Project or An Hourly Project on Upwork?

If you are a freelancer interested in getting hired on Upwork, such as a virtual assistant, a freelance writer, a graphic designer, a web developer or any other type of person who provides a service that's in demand on the world's biggest job board, there are two things you should know about how Upwork operates to figure out what is right for you.

Using a Weekly Sprint on Your Project Management Tool

If you've been following this blog for any amount of time, you know that I advocate frequently for using a project management tool such as Trello or Asana to keep track of all of your tasks.

In fact, I have various Asana boards to which I am assigned on behalf of my clients and I use my own series of Trello boards for a number of different projects. I have several different Trello boards, all operating at the same time, some of which are for my personal use but mostly for my team.

I recently discovered however that while Trello or any project management tool can significantly help you in figuring out what you need to outsource and what everyone's working on at any given time, if you have too many balls in the air, it can be too difficult to keep track of.

Why Upwork is still the #1 place to land freelance work online

If you hear the word 'Upwork' in freelance circles, 9 times out of 10 it's because somebody says they've had a bad experience on the platform. And it's certainly true. As with any working relationship, there’s always going to be the potential for a bad experience or for you to come across someone who just isn't a fit with you and the way you work. 

Having said that, I have had more than 400 clients on Upwork and have only had to file a dispute a handful of times. In fact, I really believe that a lot of the problems that people have on the platform are related to poor client selection and not taking the right steps to protect themselves.

The #1 Way To Land Your First Freelance Job on Upwork

If you've been thinking about starting your freelance business on Upwork, this post has been crafted with you in mind. It offers you the same tips and strategies that I pass on to others who are just starting out on Upwork and who subsequently land their very first client. I am going to share the number one way I recommend blowing up your Upwork profile and landing your first client. And it highlights the mistake I see almost every new freelancer make going in.

Types of Freelance Gigs and Freelancers Most Often Hired Out on Upwork

Upwork is the biggest job board in the entire world and it is a place where freelance clients come to post their requests for proposals from freelancers. While there are dozens and dozens of different types of freelancers out there, only particular types are likely to find enough business opportunities on Upwork to make it well worth their time to post there.