How to Tell You’re Ready to Leave Your Day Job to Pursue Freelancing Full Time

Transitioning your side hustle into a full-time job can be equal parts scary and exciting. In this week's video, I talk about the key things that you need to reflect upon before making the decision to leave your day job so that you are set up for success. In addition to the financial implications of such a move, I also go into the mental and emotional aspects too. 

Can I Have a Successful Part-Time Freelance Career While Keeping My Day Job?

Having a side business while you work a full-time job can, in some ways, offer you the best of both worlds- a regular paycheck on the one hand, and the flexibility to choose exactly how much time you are put into feeding your passion on the other. This week's video explains the pros, cons, and considerations relating to juggling both a day job and a part-time freelance career on the side. Speaking from personal experience, it can be done and done well!

How Much Time Should You Spend on a Freelance Proposal?

Putting your best foot forward with each freelance proposal is certainly a critical piece to your ability to land clients. Equally important, however, is the ability to allocate just enough time and effort to each proposal so that you give your potential client sufficient information to push your proposal through to the next stage, but not so much that you end up with diminishing returns on your time. I explain this in detail in the following video.

How to Get a High Job Success Rating on Upwork

Learn the importance of a high job success score on Upwork, how it's derived and those elements that are within your control to ensure that you achieve a strong rating.

In this video, I briefly discuss issues such as:

  • how the success score might affect new freelancers more than established ones
  • the importance of managing bad client relationships professionally and what this might look like in practice
  • the message having too many "jobs in progress" might send to potential clients
  • and more. 

My Top Tips for Outsourcing on a Budget

If you've reached that point in your business where you are missing deadlines, failing to dedicate your time to tasks that contribute to your bottomline or worse, feeling like you are your own bottleneck - it might be time to consider outsourcing certain tasks. And while this represents exciting times for your business, I fully understand the stress that goes along with the idea of having to pay someone to do tasks that you are more than capable of doing yourself. This week's video goes into my top mindset and implementation tips for outsourcing on a budget.

Four Careers in Which You Can Make Six-Figures with Two Years or Less of Education

Investing in your education has the potential to pay off in spades, but with the growing number of individuals graduating with crippling student loan debt, it's important that you make the right educational decision for you.

These days, pursuing a two-year degree can be extremely beneficial as it can potentially put you on the path of earning six figures in just a couple of years. Of course, you'll need some basic know-how about running a business to manage some of these, but a two-year degree from a community college or experience in the workforce may just be enough to transition into some of these particular jobs.

Asana vs. Trello for Managing Teams of Online Freelancers

Tracking a project may sound simple enough to do but add marketing your own business while delivering on client work or even managing multiple business streams supported by team members located across several time zones... and the old-fashioned to-do list will not cope.

With this in mind, I decided to put together a quick video that talks about two web-based project management tools that have gained popularity in recent years: Asana and Trello. I currently use both- Asana for client-related work, and Trello for my own business.

Are You Charging Too Much without Enough Value as a Virtual Assistant?

This week's video presents the question "Are you charging too much for your virtual assistant services?" As controversial as the question is - this really is about pricing yourself to the value that you offer your clients and consciously communicating that value in terms of outcomes instead of services rendered. The acceptable price point on an entry-level administrative role, for example, would be very different to a role that generates revenue and ideas which have a direct impact on your client's bottom line. 

Why Leaving an Unfinished Job Open on Upwork Can Actually Hurt Your Ratings

When you accept a job on Upwork, you probably have the best of intentions of completing it. However, there are many different reasons why the job may actually fall apart and this could prove problematic for you as it relates to landing other jobs or your job success score.