What to Do When You Get Negative Feedback from a Freelance Client?

It is never easy to hear that you have not delivered over and above what the client was expecting. Your goal when serving any freelance writing client should be to give them an amazing experience that encourages them to refer you out to others and to give you business in the future. However, when you get negative feedback from a freelance writing client, this can be a jarring experience. What follows are some of my recommendations for how to handle it when a client gives you negative feedback.

What is a Freelance Writing Business?

This extremely popular question comes about as a result of the fact that many people are looking into establishing a side hustle or looking for ways to make extra money. As someone with more than five years of freelance writing experience under my belt, I still get this question regularly because plenty of people are not familiar with the opportunity to work online. This post breaks down the different elements that can make up a freelance writing business.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

A question I get asked a lot is “How do I become a virtual assistant?” Becoming a virtual assistant is a great work-from-home opportunity for many particularly with the low start up costs and the fact that you can start by charging others for skills that you already possess. In today's video, I will take you through the steps to getting yourself set up. We go into how it's important to align your existing skills with the services you offer, what you can do to start marketing yourself, the value of conversations and much more.

Why I have a business cellphone and a personal cellphone

There are a number of reasons why, for the past four years, I have had a business cell phone and a personal cell phone. Yes, this means that I have to carry around two iPhones and have both of them paid for, insured and in a protective case but this has been a great help for me in my business. This post explains why.

Freelance Success on Upwork

I have heard that many freelancers come away feeling that landing good paying gigs on Upwork is an uphill climb. Interestingly, my story has been quite different. I have found that Upwork has been instrumental in my ability to generate a consistent pipeline of business leads. Today’s video will focus on the two elements that will help you achieve success on the platform.